Finished PhDs


  • Jeremy Bernon (16 Sep 2016): Higgs sector characterization and aspects of the flavor puzzle.
    Supervisors: S. Kraml, C. Smith


  • Josselin Proudom (Sep 2015): Phenomenology of coloured sparticules at high energy hadron colliders, at Leading Order, and at Next-to-Leading order in SUSY-QCD.
    Maitre de these: I. Schienbein


  • Beranger Dumont (24 Sep 2014): Dark matter phenomenology in the lab and in space.
    Supervisor: S. Kraml
  • Florian Lyonnet (23 Sep 2014): New heavy resonances: From the Electroweak to the Planck scale
    Supervisor: I. Schienbein


  • Zhaoting Pan: NNLO mixed QCD-EW corrections to the Drell-Yan production of the Z and W bosons.
    Supervisor: R. Bonciani.
  • Jezo Tomas: Z' and W' gauge bosons in SU(2)xSU(2)xU(1) gauge models: Collider phenomenology at LO and NLO QCD.
    Supervisor: M. Klasen, I. Schienbein.
  • Quentin Le Boulc'h: Neutralino-stop coannihilation in the MSSM: flavor violation, radiative corrections and their impact on the dark matter relic density
    Supervisor: M. Klasen.


  • Sylvain Fichet (23 Sep 2011): Aspects de théories supersymétriques unifiées en dimension supplémentaires
    Now postdoc at International Institute of Physics Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte.
  • Carole Weydert (5 Sep 2011): Recherche d'un boson de Higgs chargé avec le détecteur ATLAS: de la théorie à l'expérience (Theorie et ATLAS)
    left physics after the PhD.




  • Benjamin Fucks (26 Juin 2007): Resommation des corrections radiatives QCD et violation de la saveur non-minimale pour la production de particules supersymétriques auprès des collisionneurs hadroniques,
    Maître de Conférences in Strasbourg.

Archive (and manuscripts)