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SDI has a number of specific equipments dedicated in particular to testing, manufacturing and chemistry for detectors.

Instrumentation tests

  • Photodetectors workbenches
  • Cosmic bench for detectors calibration

Prototyping and manufacturing

  • Machining
    Milling machine and Drill press
    Folding machine
  • Areas and equipements of detectors assemblies
    Marble "metallic"
    Marble "marble"
  • 2 axes weaving station for wire chambers assembly
  • Micro-observation posts
    Binocular with color camera (output to microphotography and printer)
    Binocular with black & white camera (output to display) on illumination station
  • Laminar flow hood
  • Buffing
  • Ultransons trays
  • Portable tools


  • Precision scales
    1 with a maximum weighing 1 kg accurate at 1/10 kg
    2 with a maximum weighing 300 g with precision of 1/100 g
  • Moulding machine
  • Evaporation chamber