The database is maintained by R. Taillet (LAPTh)


A cosmic-ray database of experimental data

  • Goal: gather all CR measurements ever made in one place, and make it available to the entire community.
  • Format: this is a mySQL database with a simple interface to export data/plots/links/bibtex refs... A USINE compliant text file of data can also be generated.
  • How to contribute? The current database is a beta version. Possibilities of feedback/contacts/improvements/questions/completion will be provided soon (~October 2012).


Database access (beta-version)

You can have below a first glimpse at the beta-version of the database:

  1. Data access from experiment/reference names.
  2. Data access from CR name selection (N.B.: the box appearing when the mouse is on the [data] element indicates the usine file that has been used).
  3. To be implemented next: sort by experiment name or by experiment date.


Export file for USINE (to do)

Below is the format from which CR data are read in USINE. The user can

  1. use the default file provided with any USINE version (to do)
  2. download the latest CR data from the online database (to do)
  3. add his own data to the file provided it is properly formatted

# File format for CR measurements (empty line or line starting with # is skipped)
# Col.1  -  QTY_NAME (case insensitive)
# Col.2  -  EXP_NAME (case insensitive, no space)
# Col.3  -  EAXIS     [EKN,   EK,  R,  or ETOT]
# Col.4  -  <E>       [GeV/n, GeV, GV, or GeV]
# Col.5  -  EBIN_LOW            -
# Col.6  -  EBIN_HIGH           -
# Col.7  -  VAL       [#/sr/s/m2/EAxis]
# Col.8  -  ERR_STAT-        -
# Col.9  -  ERR_STAT+        -  
# Col.10 -  ERR_SYST-        -
# Col.11 -  ERR_SYST+        -
# Col.12 -  URL (bib. ref.)
# Col.13 -  phi [GV]
# Col.14 -  Datimes [yyyy/mm/dd-hhmmss:yyyy/mm/dd-hhmmss;...]